June 23, 2017

Tramon Williams hopes to sign with team before start of season

“We talked to quite a few teams, but all and all, I feel like I’m in a position to where I can control kind of what I want to do,” he said. “I’m really excited about that. I’m ready to get to one of these teams and help out. And the team that I’m look for is going to be a team, obviously, that is stable and wants to win, so that’s kind of what I’m looking for at this point.”

June 19, 2017

Tramon Williams wanted release from Browns, ‘because it wasn’t a stable spot’

‘I feel like I’m in a position to where I can control kind of what I want to do’

December 16, 2016

Tramon Williams finds comfort at safety: ‘I’m open to anything’

“I’m open to anything. I just want to be around the ball,” he said, laughing. “I like getting around the ball. I think I could be an asset at it.”

December 16, 2016

Longtime cornerback Tramon Williams eyeing safety experiment as path to extended career

“Mentally it’s more taxing because you’ve got to be the quarterback of the defense, get guys lined up and things like that,” Williams said. “Physically, it’s not really a problem at all.”

December 16, 2016

Browns’ Tramon Williams on switching to safety

“I’m open to anything,” he said. “I just want to be around the ball. I like getting the ball. I think I can be an asset at it, and we’ll see in the future.”

December 16, 2016

Browns DB Tramon Williams reinvigorated by opportunity to play safety

“I like to see the ball and at this point in my career at the safety position probably, you would definitely be able to see the ball,” Williams said. “I like picks.”