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Tramon Williams Visits Smith Elementary

June 20, 2012

Do the right things. Listen to your parents and teachers. Keep working hard. The opportunity will come.

It’s a message students hear often. But when it comes from a Green Bay Packer, it means a little more.

Tramon Williams, a cornerback in his third year of professional football, brought that message to students at Smith Elementary in Richmond.

While Williams is doing well now, it wasn’t always that way. Williams didn’t start college with a scholarship and then wasn’t chosen in the NFL Draft.

He got a tryout with the Houston Texans. He was cut from the squad.

Several teams called and he was on the practice squad for a year in Green Bay, but has earned significant playing time in the past two seasons.

Now, he wants to share his story, encouraging others.

Williams came to Smith with Rodney Ardoin, President of Marketing and Operations of Next Level Sports and Entertainment, which represents Williams. Rodney’s wife, Cherise Ardoin, is the math facilitator at Smith Elementary. She’s the one that suggested Tramon and Rodney come to school and offer encouragement.

“I feel that the students need an uplifting outlook towards education,” Mrs. Ardoin said. “They just need some encouragement to keep working hard.”

Williams brought more than just football skills to campus. He has degrees in sociology and computer information from Louisiana Tech.

“If they do the right things, the opportunity will come,” Williams said before speaking to the students. “Then you have to make the best of it.”

While Williams met with a small group of students this time, he said he plans to make more visits. He has a home in Fort Bend County and is even looking into football camps for area youths.

“I don’t want to be the only example for their lives, but I do plan to be one of them.”

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